At Samwell Creative my goal is to help organizations achieve a consistent and authentic invitation -- using multiple media channels as the portals to which people are introduced to your story. Below are a few of the projects and clients I've have had the privilege of working with and for, click company name or project for direct link to website or project.


Thoughts on Social Media

Social Networks are portals to which your organization is found. The story must be consistent so that which ever entrance they find they can be brought in to the larger story within your organization. Participatory media means it's no longer JUST about the story of your organization, especially as it relates to non-profits. People are looking to be apart of a movement, not to just follow a brand. This means we must invite others to be apart of the larger story of your organization not as an complacent observer but as an active participant. In doing so, you empower them to go out and tell your story as their own.